Anti-static Bracelet

The bracelet can alleviate static electricity that often builds up over the dry winter months. Wear this bracelet on your wrist to neutralize static build-up, eliminating any nasty shocks. It can also be used as a hair band.
*Effectiveness may vary from person to person.

Insect Repellent Bracelet

This bracelet contains natural citronella oil which has insect repellent properties and is safe for use with children and pets. Use this bracelet when outdoors, in the garden, or out walking.

Anti-static Scrunchy

This scrunchy is made from a special anti-static fabric. Wear it to avoid the unpleasant "clinging" that accompanies static build-up. Comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Insect Repellent Tag

This charming animal print tag contains natural citronella oil. Use it when you go out or hang it in the entrance to your home to take advantage of its insect repellent properties. Developed in cooperation with a Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Crystal Band

Eight stylish crystals are embedded in this soft and supple elastic hair band. Its sparkle in your hair will surely lend you an air of sophistication. Our bracelet also comes with crystal or metal charms.


Utilizing our unique braided cord, we at Inoue bring you a distinctive line of shoelaces. You can now express your own charm and individuality, from the feet up. We also have a wide range of colors and types of shoelaces, for everyday use.

Handicraft Supplies

We have: pajama elastic, woven elastic tape, flat elastic, braided elastic, alteration tape, color thread, velcro and more... We stock a wide range of elastic and thread types and sizes and cater to all customers from the hobbyist up to commercial enterprises.

Hat Clips / Hair Bands

Stop your hat from being blown away while hiking, in the garden or just while enjoying the outdoors by fastening it to your clothes with our secure hat clip. Our hair band will keep the hair out of your face and eyes while you play sports. Try one today!

Mobile Phone Strap / Neck Strap

Our mobile phone strap and neck strap use our braided cord. Have your name screen printed onto the strap! We even accept small lot orders. Please contact us for details.

Deodorant Fiber"Kenny "Series

This towel series utilizes a special fabric which neutralizes odors. Try using it as a hair wrap or a wrist band, or even as a pillow cover on sultry summer evenings.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Rope

This gymnastics rope is tough yet supple. The brilliant color gradations will show your performance in the best possible light. Available in a wide range of colors.