Inoue has been styling
women's hair for more than 30 years.

Inoue has been committed to making fashionable hair bands that don't damage your hair for more than 30 years.Utilizing original technology we have developed the patented seamless snap-resistant hair band. In recent years, we've gained Oeko-Tex certification so that our products can be enjoyed in safety and peace of mind. We welcome you to join us as we at Inoue continue to strive to bring you superior elastic hair bands.




Inoue hair bands have gained certification by Oeko-Tex 100, the global testing certification for textile raw materials. This ensures that your Inoue hair band is free from harmful substances and safe to use. Specifically, Inoue has attained the extremely exacting Product Class 1 Certification for infants and small children to the age of three. Truly a product that puts safety above all else.


Hair bands that are fastened with clasps or metal clips are difficult to use... Here at Inoue, we use a unique patented process to make seamless hair bands that are soft, flexible and easy to use. Why don't you try one out foryourself?


Inoue carries out thorough quality control on all stages of the manufacturing process from the raw materials through to the finished product - not just to please our customers, but to make the best product we can. Inoue hair bands are also superbly strong and durable. The thick hair band can achieve a tension strength of up to 5kg.


Since sales began, we've been working hard to keep up with changing styles and fashions and meet the needs of our customers. We now have an extensive line up with a wide range of styles and colors. If you include the color variations available, we have more than 1000 varieties to choose from.
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