Attainment of the ISO9001 2000 International Quality Management System

ISO9001 2000 is an international quality management certification for products and services. With a view to giving our customers ever better services, security and satisfaction, we embarked upon this rigorous certification program, attaining it in 2003. Because of this certification, staff now have a much greater awareness of quality management. Our workers are more motivated and try to incorporate the mindset of the customer as they make our products.


Toward Safe and Comfortable Fabrics
Oeco-Tex® 100 Hazardous Substance Certification

At Inoue, we try to make our products as safe as possible, especially for our younger users, so that everyone can use our products with peace of mind. Toward this end, in 2009 we attained Oeco-Tex® 100 certification. Oeco-Tex® 100 is an international testing and certification organization that tests fabric and textiles for substances that may be injurious to your health. Over and above that, we obtained Category 1 certification for part of our range. Category 1 is an even stricter testing regime that certifies fabrics and toys as safe for infants and small children up to the age of 3. It's only a part of our line-up at the moment, but we're working to expand our certification by making our products safer for you.

Designated a factory of excellence by Kanagawa Prefecture. We will make every effort to continue to improve our manufacturing.